London Fashion Week


London Fashion Week is a combination of vitality, creativity and refined glamour. It is held annually and more than 50 trend-setting designers will show their clothing in London every year. The outstanding work of other designers will be presented to audiences in the form of exhibitions. During the Fashion Week, these excellent designers will live in special tents or other places, so they can take inspiration from there. Each designer will show their designs to media and professional buyers. London is one of the birthplaces of creativity, accordingly the fashion industry develops prosperously. Talented designers are enjoying themselves in London. Besides, the entire city is performing a wonderful costume show in catwalk shows, famous restaurants, nightclubs or streets. London is a fashionable city, if you decided to travel, the city is a good place for you to improve your fashion sense.

Three high-profile and new brands, including GU AHI, Richard Quinn and A.V. Robertson, would participate in the London Autumn/Winter 2018 Read-To-Wear Show for the first time. They all graduated from Central Saint Martins College. 

The rising star Richard Quinn, who is specializing in women’s wear and textiles. Established his namesake label in 2016. His collections are bold and emotive creating a forward thinking unafraid vision. Richard creates garments with innovative fabrics, and he focuses on his ability to combine unique handcrafted skill with a refined high fashion sensibility. His highly acclaimed MA 2016 collection has had an incredible press response. In the 2018 London Fashion Show, Quinn was catapulted into the global spotlight because he had an extremely important person who sat on the front row, Her Majesty The Queen. The Queen has awarded Quinn with the first Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. Therefore, he has also been a key player in the fashion industry. The designer is expected to create something surprising.

A.V. Robertson decided to be a fashion designer at the age of 12. “I had just learns how to sew whilst making a crazy cushion (a rabbit with pipe cleaner glasses and a bow tie on a cushion?) and wanted to learn how to make clothes. I started designing printed dresses in a book that I eventually took everywhere with me, and was obsessed from then on.” She designed a black, flowery collection. She said she was inspired by the British summer. After spending a rainy summer in Manchester A.V. Robertson had the idea to clash winter and summer wear. She started looking into oversized winter wear and embroidered flower gardens, and re-interpreted the two together.

Professional magazine editors will find similar designs shown in fashion weeks and regard them as the fashion trend of the year. If you don’t want to be countrified, the best way is to watch these shows. You are able to emulate the styles and buy some fashion accessories. Sometimes, a fashion accessory will make you different, such as a beret hat.

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